I’m glad you are here.

I’m Renee Jayne, I help people activate healing and health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually so they can live free, love themselves and their life.

I’m a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, Functional Therapist and Somatic Life Coach in private practice providing in-person, phone, online and Live group as well as corporate consulting since 2010.

I will guide you as you discover your practice to Love Yourself Naked®

Are you someone who wants to create change in your life?

Many of our community members have been sharing the value they received from videos, check out the blog so you can gain value too. Thank you for sharing feedback and comments. It helps me to grow when I hear from you and it keeps me focused on sharing more. I love hearing from you.

While there is so much to share, there is also so much to learn. Lately, life has been teaching me to stay humble and open as I see the mistakes I make and I courageously admit them and then keep putting one foot in front of the other to learn from them. We are all in process. Not one of us is perfect, even though we try really hard to be. As a recovering perfectionist, I can tell you that perfectionism is unrealistic and pretty much the opposite of loving yourself.

For the past couple of years, I personally and quietly have been diving way deeper into my nutrition. I’ve been studying about genetics, nutrigenomics (how nutrition impacts our genes), toxins and the impact on our body (this is called oxidative stress) and I’ve been learning and researching and coaching… I’ve been my own guinea pig, so to speak too. There is SO much I want to share with all of you. So many wonderful discoveries and positive changes in my clients, my family and myself.

I’ve also been coaching clients through their suffering with issues with food, body, emotional eating, binge eating, intense craving or food obsession/addiction.

When we combine to make changes to these key areas at the Root level: our nutrition and physical body, mental, emotional and spiritual ways of being… it changes everything!

My Nutrition 360 – a group that takes you full circle with your relationship to food, yourself and your body.

I’ve been working with people privately and in small groups where I can give people personalized attention in these areas.

(Apply here) Our next group starts soon and based on the time of year, I may have private coaching open. 

We are going to be diving deeply into your nutrition, reading blood work, helping you get to the root cause, eliminate toxins, inflammation, cravings, emotional eating patterns and so much more.

If you want more information or to be one of these people, click here to fill out your application.  This is so you can have your own Nutrition 360!

I want people to be healthy and to have access to healthy food, resources and the best of the best without making it complicated and difficult.

I want you to know your value.

Looking forward to connecting more soon with you!

Thank you,